A Different Kind of Trade-In Appraisal Process

While trading in your car can be a great way to minimize the cost of a newer-model car or truck, customers often avoid trading in their cars outright because they fear the credit they receive on their trade will be too low. When they try to sell their car privately, they commonly wind up waiting weeks or even months to get their money. Skip the wait and receive top-dollar trade-in value on your current or truck through car-leasedeals.com’s trade-in appraisal process. Our reputable and trustworthy trade-in specialists will offer maximum value for your vehicle. Call us today at 646-395-7535 to make your vehicle work for you.

The Trade-In Appraisal Process

Trading in your car or truck starts with contacting one of our sales specialists to schedule an appraisal. Our technicians will then thoroughly inspect your vehicle, assessing its age, condition, mileage, current market value and more. Once the trade-in offer is accepted, we will immediately apply it to the price of your new car or truck. There’s no reason why the trade-in appraisal process has to be complicated or disappointing. While trade-in offers may be less than you’d get in a private-party sale because the dealership must factor in the cost to recondition the vehicle and make a profit when it resells it, trading in your car can be very convenient.

Things to Remember When Trading in Your Car

It’s a good idea to have your car in prime condition prior to assessing its trade-in value, including making sure it’s cleaned and recently maintained. It’s also a good idea to have as much of the service records as possible to verify its ongoing maintenance. Finally, sellers are encouraged to do their homework and figure out the Kelly Blue Book value of their vehicles so they have an approximation of what they can expect. Overhead costs and other factors may determine trade-in value. Contact car-leasedeals.com today at 646-395-7535 to get the ball rolling on your trade-in appraisal. We look forward to hearing from you.

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